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What is in a word? Magic. Words are the DNA of communication, the ability to transmit ideas, emotions and events. Words link together to create mental images, singular expressions, even alter the fabric of reality. Words have started wars, toppled dictators, inspired unthinkable channge. As a writer I like to think I have a familiarity with words, but the truth is I am as much in awe of the power of writing as you are.


So this is where I get the chance to explain myself. Listen very carefully because you can't hear the written word. If you could, it would sound like keyboard clicks, with the ghostly echoes of typewriter strokes haunted by the soft whisper of pen or pencil intimately caressing the page.

I am a writer.

What the means is that I bleed stories. I stand in the center of a cosmos of words and somehow am able to interpret their language, arrange them in chohesive patterns that take the form of stories. I write the books I'd like to read, and suppose some others circling the sun with me might enjoy them also. So take a look around. You might just find something you like.

The author doesn't avoid pulp/noir stereotypes - on the contrary, he makes good use of every possible cliché to create an impossible post-Modernist atmosphere, mixing 1930s detective stories with present-day cyberpunk fantasies and adding a generous dash of "the future that never was".

                                                                               ~Amazon reviewer



I was captured, first of all, by the language. Fantasy has its rhythm of its own but Constantine takes these rhythms and turns them into poetry. The turn of a phrase, the lush imagination of new things, one bright shiny word that means so much.

                                                                ~Amazon reviewer