And so I write, until
broken fingers stagger,
staccato a broken
drumbeat; delirious,
inebriated on the ambrosia, the
absinthe of written words.
And so I write,
fire and ice and
I cast them into the wind like
dandelion dander, every
whisper potent, every arcane
rune that has been carved
across my soul,
And so I write, I
capture dreams in
butterfly nets, sip of their
essence before they
dissolve, before I
awake from the esoteric, the
clandestine world of poetic
And so I write, until
stains the pages, until
the cogs rust and
crumble, chalky dust powders
across the keyboard,
fade into the gnarled
valleys, twilight
swallows every star
in the sky.
And so I write…

bard constantine.jpg

About the name: Bard is homage to my poetic roots when I started this journey into writing. Constantine just sounds right.  There's more to it than that, but it'll do for now. I write far-flung fantasies and gritty future tales, dabble in poetic sorcery, indulge in chaotic surrealism and just about everything in between.


Race: Human

Age: Yes

Location: Earth

Potential: Endless